Pregnancy Calendar

You can use our pregnancy due date calculator to calculate the estimated due date of your baby. It is very important that you realize that only 1 in 20 woman deliver their babys on their actual due date.

The issues in our pregnancy calendar

The baby and your growth, all the aspects of the baby's growing and your growing belly
The baby's development inside you month by month
The changes for you as a new mom, fysical and mental
Nutritional information, what you eat is very important
Some complications that can sometimes occure

The pregnancy calendar

Month 1 Month 4 Month 7
Month 2 Month 5 Month 8
Month 3 Month 6 Month 9

Pregnant? Congratulations! Pregnancy is an unique adventure. Every pregnancy is special, all the parents will tell! It is packed with excitement, anticipation and some concerns. In our pregnancy calendar we will show you all the months and the changes for you and your baby. It helps you, your partner and your baby for the next nine months.Good luck during your pregnancy and don't forget to choose one of the lovely baby names!