Unique Baby Names

A unique baby name is most likely chosen by those who wish to get away from all the fashionable trends. Not everyone wants a standard baby name. The individualists amongst us are also looking for that baby name that is unusual, that everyone will like but nobody has in their surroundings. Unique spellings are becoming very acceptable in our society nowadays. Internet and mobile phones has lead to the creation and total acceptance of new spellings which have given us a whole new modern dictionary! This boosts the wish to create unique baby names by all the individualists.

Look for uniqe baby names at our advanced baby names search section. Combine the most suitable names, you can organize them in the mybabynames section.

How to create a unique baby name

Convert existing words
Invent new unique baby names yourself by taking the creative approach. Combine two existing names in an unique way.

Unique punctuation
Create a unique baby name by making unusual use of punction as the placing of an apostrophe and/or a hyphen etc.

Alternative Spellings
An easy way to create unique baby names is spelling a standard name alternatively, like adding letters.

Convert Place Names
Give your baby the name from the place of birth.

Convert Colour names
Unique baby names mad of colours, like Blue or Yellow.

Flower names
Create unique baby names from flowers, like Daisy.

Characteristic names
Create a name from characteristics, like Moody.

Inspirational names
An unique baby name out of inspirational themes, like Glory