About All-Babynames.com

About all baby names
All-babynames.com is dedicated to maintaining and help growing the database with baby names, meanings and origins.

This site is a family-oriented place to help you find one or more names for your baby. The visitors can suggest baby names and everyone can give a rank to a name that creates the top 100 baby names. All-babynames.com started in 2002 as a small research project, since 2005 it is a baby names site that has more than 35,000 names with meaning and origin.
Our top 100 baby names
Our Top 100 baby names is generated by the input of the visitors of all-babynames.com. So you can see which names are the most popular. Don’t forget to rank the baby names you choose, it helps the next visitor if they look for popular baby names.
The baby names for boys and the baby names for girls are all checked for the authenticity. This by using various sources and feedback from our visitors. We also got the baby names that can be used for girls and boys. The baby names with meaning and origin are partly from feedback form users of this site. If you miss one ore more names, you can suggest them at all-babynames.com. Together we create a reliable site with baby names, meaning and origin.
The meaning of the names
The meaning of the baby names are checked for the authenticity using the various sources. The 35,000 names are partly from feedback from visitors.
The origin of the baby names
The origins of the baby names are also checked for authenticity. The 35,000 baby names with meaning and origin are partly from feedback from visitors.
Suggesting a name, including meaning and origin
It is possible to suggest a name at all-babynames.com. Forms that are not completely filled in will not be added to our site. This to keep the quality at the highest level.