Due Date Calculator

Use our special pregnancy due date calculator to figure out your due date. We know you all got the question "When will my baby arrive?" Babies are born on nature's timetable, but you can make a good estimate of your due date based on your last menstrual period. And don't forget, always talk to your medic about the due date. This pregnancy due date calculator gives an accurate indication! Due dates are an estimate and it is very normal for babies to arrive within two weeks of the due date (either two weeks early, or two weeks later).

Due Date Calculator

Please enter the first day of your last menstral cycle

Check the Zodiac Sign (astrological star) of your newborn baby

Zodiac Sign Also known as Period of the year
Aries The Ram March 21 to April 20
Taurus The Bull April 21 to May 20
Gemini The Twins May 21 to June 21
Cancer The Crab June 22 to July 22
Leo The Lion July 23 to August 22
Virgo The Virgin August 23 to September 22
Libra The Scales September 23 to October 22
Scorpio The Scorpion October 23 to November 21
Sagittarius The Archer November 22 to December 20
Capricorn The Goat December 21 to January 19
Aquarius The Water Bearer January 20 to February 18
Pisces The Fishes February 19 to March 20

Wanna know if it will become a boy or a girl, the Chinese people allways use the Chinese conception calendar. Go check it out!