Baby Middle Names

The choice of giving your baby one ore more middle names, together with a first name is very normal in the western world. Giving your baby a middle name isn't a safety measure in case of the first name don't fit.

The possibility is there that if you dislike the first name after birth that you simply use the middle name instead. There is no information available which provides how often this situation occurs. Statistics say that approximately one out of in ten regularly use their given baby middle names.

Middle naming tips

Avoid the family feuds
Old fashioned family names often included in a new baby name. Many a family argument started cause of this.

The traditions
Baby middle names often carries out on a tradition in the family. It often includes the maiden's name of the female familymembers.

How many middle names
It is completely up to you how many baby names you give to your child.

Finding boy and girl middle names
There is a difference between finding boy or girl baby middle names. Parents often choose a less creative first name for boys than they do for the girls. The traditional names are most of the times an unusual type of middle name for a boy. Parents are more happy giving a more unusual, exotic or unique first name to a girl.