Baby Development Calendar

The first year of your baby's development is very exciting. As a mother and a father you will witness the baby's rapid evolution from a helpless little newborn to that of an enthousiastic and active little kid. This is a very special time as your baby begins exploring the world with their almost ever developing senses and skills. Don't waste these precious months, your baby will experience things for the first time, only once. So enjoy this very special first year.

Newborn - 1 month
Reacts to soothing music,and see high contrast patterns and faces, he or she will cry if over or under stimulated and will be alert for every one in ten hours.
1 - 2 Months
Reacts to soothing music, also to visual stimulation, follows lots of sounds and moving objects.
2 - 3 Months
Recognises familiar faces and standard sounds, plays with her or his hands and little feet, ability to grasp objects is developing fast and likes high contrast images very much.
3 - 4 Months
Starts to explore by touching stuff, follows moving objects very good, able to bear a little weight on their legs and teething starts around this period.
4 - 5 Months
Shows much interest in bright colors, starts to show some preferences and grips and moves objects.
5 - 6 Months
They are able to concentrate around this period on one toy at a time and can roll over from belly to back (and back to belly).
6 - 7 Months
Starts to understand what he or she must do with various toys and items, can shake a rattle or other toys, responds to himself in a mirror and rolls easly in both directions.
7 - 8 Months
Realises that an object may be behind something, loves playing peek-a-boo, sits independently, reaches out for objects and tries to crawl.
8 - 9 Months
Starts to crawl and explore new things, understands the concept of building objects, moves an item from one hand to the other and starts to imitate sounds he or she hears.
9 - 10 Months
Understanding some language phrases, starts to build things, stack and disassemble toys, points and stands with a little help.
10 - 11 Months
Understanding of language and words continue, starts to build, stack and disassemble toys, able to pick up smaller items, walks holding on to furniture and likes to play hand games.
11 - 12 Months
Understanding of words increases a lot, able to climb and enjoys and initiates play with others.