3 Pregnancy Stages - First Trimester

There are three different pregnancy stages and they are referred to the 3 trimesters of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy is generally seperated into 3 trimesters of about 13 weeks each. We describe the 3 trimesters for you.

1st Trimester

The first stage of pregnancy, also known as the first trimester, is the complete package of the best and worst pregnancy feelings. The first symptoms of all the hormones in your body and all the other changes in your life, as well as the joy being pregnant. The first trimester will bring the first signs and symptoms of your pregnancy, and for some of you also the morning sickness. Don't forget the morning sickness will go away after a few weeks. The first pregnancy stage is very important to you and your baby. The little one is growing and developing inside your body, and you need to adjust some things to your life style. In the first trimester of your pregnancy your baby does the most of his of her development, and in this period he or she stands the biggest chance of developing complications. Also talk with your doctor about it.

You need to change or do the following things

Stop drinking caffeine and alcohol
Quit smoking immediatly
Start with taking prenatal vitamins
Drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids every day
Start with a healthy nutritional diet
Buy loose comfortable fitting clothes

The changes for you

Your first period won't come now
Breasts increase in size because as the milk glands are multiplying
The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy will show
You begin to show at the end of the first trimester

Baby development

In the first weeks your baby is about 8-9cm measured from crown to rump
Development of eyes, ears, teeth buds, fingers, toes, vital organs and even urine starts
The baby wil form genitals, the genders should be recognizable in the second trimester

first trimester

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