3 Pregnancy Stages - Third Trimester

At the end of this trimester your body gained between 25-35 pounds. Your emotions are tested in this period. Sometimes you wonder if you will be capable of getting and having a baby. Some strange symptoms like feeling as though your baby is going to "fall out" and maybe some numbness in your pelvic region.

3rd Trimester

At the end of this period will forget all the pain and discomfort of your pregnancy. It will be replaced by the joy of having a child. During this pregnancy period, your baby's and your belly development and growth will be slowed down and coming to an end. All the vital organs have completed their creation, and he or she will begin forming fat deposits underneath the skin.

You need to change or do the following things

You must visit your healthcare provider every 2 weeks
Stop lifting heavy objects
Take all the rest you need
Pack all the stuff you need in your hospital bag
Be sure to have enough clothes for the little one

The changes for you

Breasts begin to leak a little bit
Due to the weight of your belly it is possible you have a back ache
Know you distinguish an elbow or a knee when he or she pokes in your stomach

Baby development

All the vital organs are completed now, and all working
Fat deposits are being made underneath the little baby's skin
The position of your baby changes into birth position

third trimester

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