How To Pick Names

Our method generates a list of baby names from you and your partner. By narrowing down the lists you find the name that suits the best. It's an easy way to find a name!

First step: Make your personal baby names list

Make a list of names to out of our 35,000 baby names just by adding them to My BabyNames. Ready? Print it and let your partner do the same.

Second step: Narrow both baby names lists

Now that you've both created a favorite baby names list, it's time to narrow them down based on the considerations below. Print out this table too and make enough copies for each name on your lists.When you've completed the table and all the names, count the scores and give 3 points for every check in the positive, two points for the neutral, and one point negative column.

Baby Name: ...
Factors Positive (3 points) Neutral (2 points) Negative (1 point)
1. Spelling of the name select box easy spelling select box medium spelling select box hard to spell
2. Pronunciation select box easy pronunciation select box medium pronunciation select box hard to pronunciate
3. Sounding of the name select box pleasing sounding select box okay sounding select box unpleasing sounding
4. Fits last name select box fits well select box fits okay select box doesn't fit
5. Gender identification select box clear select box neutral select box unclear
6. Possible nicknames select box appealing select box okay select box unappealing
7. Popularity select box not too popular select box popular select box too popular
8. Uniqueness select box not too unique select box unique select box too unique
9. Impression select box positive impression select box okay impression select box negative impression
10. Namesakes select box positive select box okay select box negative
11. Initials select box pleasing initials select box okay initials select box unpleasing initials
12. Meaning select box positive meaning select box okay meaning select box negative meaning
Total points

Third an last step: Make the choice

Both write down your favorite 5 boy names and girl names. If you have in common names, compare the scores. Don´t have common names on your lists, swap names and rate them again together.Now you have a few names that work well for both of you. Good luck finding that special baby name!