Pregnancy Symptoms

You can find a lot of pregnancy symptoms on the internet which indicate that you are actually pregnant. Most of the signs are obvious, like missing your period, but sometimes that is due to something else. Here you find a list of common symptoms. You got more of two of those? Maybe it is a good idea to visit your healthcare provider for pregnancy confirmation. The pregnancy calendar shows all the information in a month by month overview!

Delay or missing a period

If your pregnancy is confirmed this missing perioid lasts the full pregnancy period, This is caused by the fact you will not be ovulating in the pregnancy period. Let your healthcare provider confirm your pregnancy. A delay in menstruation can also be caused by other reasons

Morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting starts fors ome of you the first week of pregnancy and lasts for the first 2 to 8 weeks. This symptom is the most common of all the pregnancy symptoms.


Also the first 2-8 weeks you are tired. Your are going through hormonal changes. The temperature of your body is also higher than normal

Aversion to familiar foods and drinks

Your taste and smell is very sensitive, the first 8 weeks of your pregnancy this will hold. It is possible you get an aversion to familiar foods and drinks. Most of the times this is associated with your morning sickness.

Darker nipples

Most of you notice that around your nipple it starts to darken. If you are not pregnant, maybe it is getting darker due to a hormonal issue.

Sensitive breasts

Your breasts sometimes get extremely tender, swollen and your breasts start to enlarge in the first weeks of your pregnancy. During your pregnancy the veins within your breasts will become more visible.


The growing uterus in your belly compresses some big arteries in your legs, that sometimes causes your blood pressure to drop making you feel light headed.

More frequent urination

Your little baby boy or baby girl will cause your uterus to grow. This applies pressure on your urinary bladder giving you the urge for more frequent urination. Lots of you start to feel this symptoms within in the first 2 weeks after conception.


Constipation is one of the complaints during pregnancy. Eating a healthy and nutricious diet full with fibers can give less discomfort of this symptom.