Naming Tips

Choosing your baby's name can be a very emotional experience. Sometimes it's easy. Usually, it's not. There's so much to consider, but the most important thing to remember is to love the name. Here are tips to help you make the right decision:

The last name
Searching for babynames, always consider the last name of the baby. Saying the two names together should produce a nice combination.

Length of babynames
Long babynames will often make a better balance with a short last name. Last names with two syllables typically sound better with all the lengths of babynames.

Unique babynames
Baby names which are unique are a great thing. Babynames that are too unique could cause trouble when he or she getting older.

Baby names for the entire life
The name lasts the baby's entire life. Babynames like 'Honey' or 'Princess' may be fun for the baby's first years. Later in life, baby names likt that may cost the chance for a once in a lifetime job or even worse.

Odd baby names
Think twice before you choose odd babynames. Research says that kids with odd babynames are teased more and are less socialized.

Babynames that end in consonants
If a baby is going to have a last name that starts with a hard consonant, you may want to choose baby names that are ending in a vowel. The baby names wil sound better that way.

About common babynames
Common baby names can be a blessing or a curse. But you cannot go wrong with the common baby names. On the other hand, your son or daughter will likely be unknown throughout life.

Baby middle names
Many babynames are chosen to honor someone you love. If the babynames does not make a good first name, perhaps the name could be used as the baby's middle name.

Babynames through the eyes of a 12 year old
Schoolmates will try to make a nickname for your child. Your baby will thank you for avoiding the babynames which are obvious for teasing when he or she is about 12.

When to avoid celebrity babynames
Some celebrities can become so much larger than life, their name becomes one you may not want to use for your baby name. Think about baby names like Robbie (Williams) or babynames like Marilyn (Monroe).

There are some pitfalls in retaining a parent's name in baby names. Babynames which are the same as parent's names will often cause legal problems later in life.

Two babynames - combine them!
Cannot decide between two babynames? See if the two baby names can be combined.

Carrying on a family name for the baby
Carrying on the name of a beloved family member's first name is all right, as long as it is a good name for the baby. If the babynames are simply not a good, consider the family member's middle name.

Meaning of babynames
You may want to consider the importance of the babynames meaning. Even if this is not important to you, it may be important to your child in the future.

Babynames using the mother's maiden name
Many maiden names may not be best suited for a first name, but will often make a great middle name.

Babynames initials
When choosing babynames, make sure to consider whether the baby name creates initials which are undesirable.