3 Pregnancy Stages - Second Trimester

The second trimester is from week 14 to 26. The greatest milestone of this trimester is that you will begin to feel your baby move inside you.This period is usually the one which is enjoyed the most. Morning sickness should have been disappeared start to feel pregnant.

2nd Trimester

In this period of your pregnancy, the shape of your body will start to change and you will gain weight and your hips will grow wider because your baby grows inside of you. The pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, headaches and dizziness for some of you will start, but these are normal, and you shouldn't be too concerned with these symptons. Not feeling sure? Go for advise to your doctor.

You need to change or do the following things

Start an excercise program. It is good for your body
Continue your healthy diet, ensure that you and your baby get all the healthy nutrients
Drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids, water is the most important
Ask your doctor before taking any medication
Get much rest

The changes for you

The moles and freckles on your body starts getting darker
Breasts continue to grow
Your body retains water resulting in swollen fingers, feet, ankles and legs
Your body will get rounder and you gain weight and look really pregnant

Baby development

The bones of your baby are getting harder
The little ears look like ears now
The fine hair begins to cover his or her body
The little one begins to form sleeping patterns
You feel your baby moving inside your uterus

second trimester

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