Pregnancy Calendar Month 2

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 2nd month

For the mother

Somewhere around the end of your second pregnancy month, you really begin to feel pregnant. Your breasts sometimes are tender, and some of you experience morning sickness or nausea during the day. You will have some raging mood swings as well. Tiredness is a great issue too throughout your first trimester. You are just a bit more tired than normal, or in the beginning you are so exhausted thatsome 4 hour naps every afternoon are the only thing that keeps you feeling fit. It is the nature's way of training you, your baby and your body in preparation for your little baby's feeding schedule.

For the baby

Your little unborn baby is now being called a foetus. His or her internal organs are ready for further development. When you have an ultrasound scan at your medic or doctor, you may see your baby moving but you won't feel anything inside your belly.

2nd month pregnancy

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