Pregnancy Calendar Month 7

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 7th month

For the mother

Because your stomach really expands around this time, you sometimes get stretchmarks on your stomach or thighs. Some of the pregnant women have lower back pain because of the abdomen grows larger and your pelvic joints loosen in preparation for the delivery date. Leg cramps are sometimes a problem too. A good calcium diet can help. Your body feel painless contractions right now. These contractions is your uterus practicing for the due date and it doesn't signify the onset of your labour.

For the baby

He or she now weighs around the two pounds and is 14-15 inches long. The baby's eyes are open and he or she can see. The baby is coated with a substance which protects its skin during the pregnancy. It is also building up a layer of fat which helps the body temperature after birth at a good and healthy level.

7th month pregnancy

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