Pregnancy Calendar Month 3

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 3rd month

For the mother

At the end of the third month, you should be beginning to regain a bit after your experiences of tireness. The morning sicknesses and your frequent urination should both become more less. When you are around the 12 weeks, you should have an apppointment at the antenatal clinic. The clinic does a number of tests and scans between your 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. Also the first ultrasound or echo will be done in this month to determine the age of your baby. Some other tests like screening for possible birth defects can also be done around this period..

For the baby

Around the 12 weeks, he or she is about three inches long and the little one weighs less than an ounce. His or her eyes are completely formed and fingers and toes are in development. Your little baby's genitals can be seen bu the antenatal clinic with an ultrasound and they can look if the internal organs are functioning.

The first period of three months is also known as first trimester.

3rd month pregnancy

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