Pregnancy Calendar Month 8

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 8th month

For the mother

In this month you are starting to feel clumsy because your centre of gravity shifts forwards. It is important you try to stand up straight and practice good posture. Your ribs sometimes feel sore because of the baby pushes up against them. Your naval disappears in your big belly, and you may grow a dark line on your abdomen. It becomes more difficult to sleep because of the belly size and the activity of your little baby boy or baby girl. In this period you must rest as much as you can.

For the baby

The little baby boy or baby girl is about 16 inches long and weighs around 3,5 pounds. His or here face is now smooth, and the baby will be laying on some fat stores over the upcoming weeks in preparation for life outside the mother. Most of the babies will have turned head down in the 8th month in preparation for birth. If your baby boy or baby girl will be born now, it has an 80% chance of survival.

8th month pregnancy

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