Pregnancy Calendar Month 6

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 6th month

For the mother

Everybody can see you are pregnant now. You will gain weight and sometimes feel overheated and a little sweaty because your blood supply increases. Sometimes your face looks flushed because of sweating. Your heart and lungs are working much harder than they normaly do. Some women have pains in their ribcage as the baby begins to press upwards. Sometimes you will experience shortness of breath for the same reason. Now is is important to have a correct posture and you must protect your feet and joints in your legs. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, sit with your feet up, and practice your antenatal exercises.

For the baby

In this period your little baby can suck his or he little thumb and sometimes hiccup. You will feel this in your belly. They have patterns of sleep and activity which will come to know, you really feel your baby right now. His or her skin has lost its se through appearance.The baby has not got any fat and is therefore very thin.

The period between three months and six months is also known as second trimester.

6th month pregnancy

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