Pregnancy Calendar Month 9

A month-by-month pregnancy calendar, 9th month

For the mother

You will feel like a huge house right now, your problems like shortness of breath Will leave now because the baby's head drops into your pelvic cavity. Sleeping now becomes difficult, don't forget to practice your breathing techniques. You now will be attending your antenatal clinic at least every two weeks for a checkup. Really rest as much as possible and avoid standing for long periods of time. Some of you have a heavy vaginal discharge; always use sanitary pads for protection, never tampons. Around you 40th week, you will feel very heavy and tired. Your skin feels tight and stretched. Now it's only a matter of time your baby will see the world.

For the baby

The little baby boy or girl is now fully formed. The little fingernails are long and the litlle one may have scratched himself. The baby will gain weight about an ounce each day during the last month of your pregnancy.

The period between six months and nine months is also known as third trimester.

9th month pregnancy

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