Slovakian baby names

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Top 10 Slovakian baby names

1 Bela girl Slovakia
2 Rumer girl and boy Slovakia
3 Beyla girl Slovakia
4 Andrik boy Slovakia
5 Chesney girl Slovakia
6 Dijana girl Slovakia
7 Ani girl Slovakia
8 Bohdan boy Slovakia
9 Zuzana girl Slovakia
10 Casimira girl Slovakia

About Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked republic in Central Europe with population of more than five million. It is a member of the European Union (since May 1, 2004) and borders Czech Republic and Austria in the west, Poland in the north, Ukraine in the east and Hungary in the south. Its capital is its largest city, Bratislava. The Slavic population settled in the territory of Slovakia in the 5th century. Western Slovakia was the centre of Samo's Empire in the 7th century. Slovak state, known as the Principality of Nitra, arose in the 8th century and its ruler Pribina had the first Christian church in Slovakia consecrated by 828. Together with neighboring Moravia, the principality formed the core of the Great Moravian Empire from 833. The high point of this Slovak principality came with the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius in 863, during the reign of Prince Rastislav, and the territorial expansion under King Svštopluk. [source: Wikipedia]

Slovakian baby names

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