Scandinavian baby names

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Top 10 Scandinavian baby names

1 Aaren boy Scandinavia
2 Anneke girl Scandinavia
3 Hadar boy Scandinavia
4 Ax boy Scandinavia
5 Astrid girl Scandinavia
6 Axe boy Scandinavia
7 Haakon boy Scandinavia
8 Axil boy Scandinavia
9 Faas boy Scandinavia
10 Eirny girl Scandinavia

About Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe. The central sense is Denmark, mainland Norway and Sweden. Sometimes Finland is included, even in official contexts, although since the rise of Scandinavism in 1850s, this inclusion divides opinions in all of the respective states. Also Iceland is occasionally included. Geographically the Scandinavian Peninsula includes what is today mainland Sweden and mainland Norway. A small part of north-western Finland is sometimes also considered part of the peninsula. In physiography, Denmark is considered part of the North European Plain, rather than the geologically distinct Scandinavian peninsula mainly occupied by Norway and Sweden. However, Denmark has historically included the region of Scania on the Scandinavian Peninsula. For this reason, but even more for cultural and linguistic reasons, Denmark Jutland on the Jutland peninsula of the European continent, along with Zealand and the other islands in the Danish archipelago is typically considered part of the Scandinavian region also by the Scandinavians themselves. [source: Wikipedia]

Scandinavian baby names

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