Norwegian baby names

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Top 10 Norwegian baby names

1 Aage boy Norway
2 Haaken boy Norway
3 Vaetild girl Norway
4 Zwi girl and boy Norway
5 Vaetilda girl Norway
6 Age boy Norway
7 Angerbotha girl Norway
8 Mikko boy Norway
9 Einar boy Norway
10 Olin girl and boy Norway

About Norway

Norway is a Nordic country on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway has a very elongated shape; the country's extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean is home to its famous fjords. The Kingdom of Norway also includes the Arctic island territories of Svalbard and Jan Mayen. The Norwegian sovereignty on Svalbard is based on the Svalbard Treaty, but this does not apply to Jan Mayen. Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean and a claim for Peter I Island in the South Pacific Ocean are also external dependencies, but these are not part of the Kingdom. Norway also claims Queen Maud Land in Antarctica where it has established the Troll permanent research station. [source: Wikipedia]

Norwegian baby names

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