Latin-American baby names

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Top 10 Latin-American baby names

1 Lily girl Latin-America
2 Adriel girl and boy Latin-America
3 Poppy girl and boy Latin-America
4 Vincent boy Latin-America
5 Adiran girl and boy Latin-America
6 Iago boy Latin-America
7 Abantiades boy Latin-America
8 Fabio boy Latin-America
9 Albany girl and boy Latin-America
10 Arrian girl and boy Latin-America

About Latin-America

Latin America is the region of the Americas where Romance languages ‘those derived from Latin’ are officially or primarily spoken. Latin America is distinct from Anglo-America, a region of the Americas where English, a Germanic language, predominates. Originally a political term, Amerique Latine was coined by French emperor Napoleon III, who cited Amerique Latine and Indochine as goals for expansion during his reign. While the term helped him stake a claim to those territories, it eventually came to embody those parts of the Americas that speak Romance languages initially brought by settlers from Spain, Portugal and, in a minor extent, France in the 15th and 16th centuries. [source: Wikipedia]

Latin-American baby names

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