Icelandic baby names

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Top 10 Icelandic baby names

1 Haraldur boy Iceland
2 Gudlaug girl Iceland
3 Dagur boy Iceland
4 Fridmar boy Iceland
5 Fridgeir boy Iceland
6 Bjorn boy Iceland
7 Eydis girl Iceland
8 Dogg girl Iceland
9 Bjork girl Iceland
10 Bjorg girl Iceland

About Iceland

Iceland, officially the Republic of Iceland is a country of northwestern Europe, comprising the island of Iceland and its outlying islets in the North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands. As of April 2007, it had a population of 309,699. Its capital and largest city is Reykjavík. Iceland has a history of habitation since about the year 874 when, according to Landnámabók, the Norwegian chieftain Ingólfur Arnarson became the first permanent Norwegian settler on the island. Others had visited the island earlier and stayed over winter. Over the next centuries, people of Nordic and Gaelic origin settled in Iceland. Until the twentieth century, the Icelandic population relied on fisheries and agriculture, and was from 1262 to 1944 a part of the Norwegian and later the Danish monarchies. [source: Wikipedia]

Icelandic baby names

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