Danish baby names

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Top 10 Danish baby names

1 Aase girl Denmark
2 Anne-Lise girl Denmark
3 Abellona girl Denmark
4 Bent boy Denmark
5 Bente girl Denmark
6 Dania girl Denmark
7 Annemette girl Denmark
8 Aleksia girl Denmark
9 Tosh boy Denmark
10 Anika girl Denmark

About Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest and southernmost of the Nordic countries. Located north of Germany (its only land neighbour), southwest of Sweden, and south of Norway, it is in Scandinavia in northern Europe, but not on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Denmark borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and consists of a peninsula named Jutland (Jylland) attached to Northern Germany, the islands of Funen (Fyn), Zealand (Sjślland), Bornholm (Bornholm) and many smaller islands, often referred to as the Danish Archipelago. [source: Wikipedia]

Danish baby names

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