Catalan baby names

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Top 10 Catalan baby names

1 Roser girl Catalonia
2 Aina girl Catalonia
3 Clara girl Catalonia
4 Pau boy Catalonia
5 Alba girl Catalonia
6 Esteve boy Catalonia
7 Montserrat girl Catalonia
8 Pere boy Catalonia
9 Neus girl and boy Catalonia
10 Alvar girl Catalonia

About Catalonia

The Catalan Countries term was first documented in "Historia del Derecho en Catalu˝a, Mallorca y Valencia. Cˇdigo de las Costumbres de Tortosa, I" written by the Valencian Law historian Bienvenido Oliver i Esteller. Soon, it became popular in Catalan Renaixenša by the end of the 19th century as a synonym of "Catalan-speaking territories". This was actually spread inspired in the term "Occitan Countries" from the Oficina de Relacions Meridionals (Office of Southern relationships) in Barcelona by 1933. [source: Wikipedia]

Catalan baby names

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